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Frequently Asked Questions
Will ente automatically sync and backup in the background?


ente will run in the background and automatically backup the albums that you have selected.

On iOS, if you have a very large number of photos and videos, then you might need to keep ente running in the foreground for the first backup to happen (since we get only a limited amount of background execution time). To help with this, under "Settings > Backup" there is an option to disable the automatic device screen lock. But once your initial backup has completed, subsequent backups will work fine in the background and don't need disabling the screen lock.

On some Android versions, newly downloaded apps activate a mode called "Optimize battery usage" which prevents them from running in the background. So you will need to deactivate this "Optimize battery usage" mode in the Ente settings if you wish to allow ente to automatically back up your photos in the background.

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