Collage, and more

June 04, 2023

Hey! Over the last few weeks we shipped a bunch of improvements to our mobile apps.

Here's a summary of the key changes.


You can now multi-select photos, and click on "Create collage" to craft a single frame that captures your best moments.

Album sort order

Ente's gallery shows you your newest photos first.

This works for the home page.

What about within albums of your trips? Or your dinners?

If such galleries are sorted chronologically, it would be easier to relive those moments while scrolling through the timeline.

You can now make this choice.

Screenshot of Ente's sort by setting

Your choice will reflect within shared links as well.

Photos shared with you will now pop up in your home gallery. So if your partner has shared their Camera, their latest clicks will pop up next to yours.

To opt out of this, you can Archive the album.

We've been working hard to improve how smoothly our gallery scrolls.

We're building the best photos app, and it is important that our interactions are fluid.

We've done quite a bit of engineering to accomplish these improvements (blog post incoming).

We aren't done though, there are more performance improvements being worked on, which will get shipped over this month.

Improved de-duplication

Duplicates are annoying to deal with. We've been fighting the battle to help you detect and prune such items for a while now.

The latest release of our mobile app includes changes that will help you identify these items more accurately, with the help of file hashes (that are stored end-to-end encrypted). We've also added the ability to club files with the same name, to solve for scenarios like this.

We hope you'll be pleased with the upgraded experience.

If you're enjoying our work, please spread the word :)