Frequently asked questions

How can I securely share photos and videos stored in Ente?

Ente supports end-to-end encrypted sharing of your photos and videos.

This allows you to share your photos and videos with only the people you want, without them being visible to anybody else. The files remain encrypted at all times, and only the people you have shared with get the decryption keys.

  • If the person you want to share with is already on Ente, you can share an album with them by entering their email address.

  • If they are not already on Ente, you can send them an invite and then share with them after they've signed up.

  • Alternatively, you can create public links to share albums with people who are not on Ente.

With public links, the files are still end-to-end encrypted, so the sharing is still secure. Note that the decryption keys are part of the public link so keep in mind that anybody with the link will be able to share it with others.

Both shared albums and public links allow collaboration.

More details, including technical aspect about how the sharing features were implemented, are in various blog posts announcing these features.

We are now working on the other requested features around sharing, including comments and reactions.