Memories are precious.

Google Photos does a good job of storing and organizing them, and in exchange we give them ownership of our unencrypted data.

Our memories are now owned by a publicly traded company whose revenue depends on how many ads we click on.

If that is not a privacy nightmare, I don't know what is.

ente (/ɛn'tɛ/ meaning: mine)

To start with, ente is a privacy focussed alternative to Google Photos that supports end-to-end encryption.

I set out to build ente because I was convinced that a lot of us passively sacrifice privacy for convenience. That if there were good alternatives with strict privacy policies, some of us would switch.

It’s a work in progress, but here’s a demo of what has been built:

Note: Face-search will not work if you enable end-to-end encryption.

The code for the mobile and web apps are open and auditable.

If you’d like to be notified of the beta program and launch, please drop your email address below. I'll get in touch only when I'm ready to ship.


- Vishnu