encrypted backups for your
photos and videos

protect your  
  from algorithms
ente cross platform encrypted gallery
ente cross platform encrypted gallery
automatic backups for your photos and videos, in their original quality.
simple - automated, encrypted backups
data replication to multiple storage locations in Europe, including a fallout shelter.
reliable - ente preserves your data across locations in the EU
end-to-end encryption for all your data and metadata.
private - your photos and videos on ente are end-to-end encrypted and only you can access them
open source apps and peer reviewed architecture.
open - open source code base and peer reviewed architecture
available feature
multi device sync
available feature
e2ee sharing
available feature
two-factor auth
available feature
easy import
available feature
easy export
available feature
and more...
feature rich - share your albums, e2ee, two-factor authentication, easy import and export and more
This is probably the only, and best cloud photos option out there. Secure, private, open source, reliable, and beautiful UI.
we offer a free trial of 1 GB for 365 days
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