Improvements to our desktop app

April 29, 2022


We've shipped some major under-the-hood improvements to our desktop app.

The app now supports resumable uploads for large folders. This means that if your app or system crashes, and you reopen the app, it will resume the uploads from where it left off.

This change also gets us one step closer towards the end goal of watching a folder continuously for updates, similar to what Dropbox does.

Apart from this, the desktop app now supports Takeout.zips that are downloaded from Google.

Support for importing Google Takeout zips

You no longer have to uncompress them and upload the extracted folders. ente will take care of parsing the archive efficiently, and processing the photos, videos and metadata files within it.

This will save you a few clicks and quite a lot of disk space.

Huge thanks to im7mortal who gave us the idea and to everyone who helped us test this out!

You can grab the latest builds from here:

As for what's next, we are redesigning all our screens. So you can expect prettier pixels the next month! ✨