Changelog - v0.4.0

December 19, 2021

These are the changes included in ente's latest release

  • Background sync on iOS
  • Ability to view and terminate active sessions
  • Auto-fill for passwords and 2FA codes
  • Mnemonic recovery codes that are easy to write down (the older codes will remain functional)
  • Option to edit file names
  • Ability to embed metadata edits into the original files during export (wherever supported)
  • Option to select and download multiple files on web

Getting the iOS client to sync photos in the background took us a lot more time than expected. There was no official documentation to refer to and we had to scavenge to get things to work. Due to platform constraints, our solution is not as responsive as it is on Android. But you can trust Ente to eventually backup the photos you snap on your iPhone, in the background.

We also got stuck trying to embed certain metadata edits (eg. file-creation-time) back into their original files. We had to take a hard call and ignore certain file formats (like HEIC) for now, since there are no tools that let us update the EXIF data within those formats. That said, we believe in providing a painless data export experience and we will revisit this sometime in the future. For now, we've left a TODO on our roadmap.

Despite all the uncertainties, this has been an excellent year for us, and we hope it has been the same for you too. We can't wait to show you the beautiful things we have in store for you the next year. 😊

Until then, we wish you the happiest of holidays!