F-Droid Release

May 22, 2022

We hate the reliance mobile apps are forced to have on centralized stores. These gatekeepers demand a hefty tax to circumvent the inconveniences they have created.

We have always maintained a direct path to get ourselves into the hand of our customers on Android devices. Thanks to GitHub, you could always grab our latest builds, built straight from source.

Now in addition to this, we have crossed the checkpoint of getting ente published on F-Droid! 🏁

It took us a while because we had to carve out a separate branch of the codebase without certain important third party libraries (billing, error reporting, push notifications). From our internal tests, we found no teething issues. But if you find something amiss, please click on "report bug" from the settings screen and we'll be quick to fix it!

That's all for now. Towards a freer, simpler, safer world!

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