Redesigned Ente with support for light mode

June 22, 2022

Summer is here. Skirts and sun. Having toned its muscles all through the winter darkness, today Ente steps out on the beach 🀍

Enough with the metaphors though. Today, we're releasing the redesigned ente that supports both light and dark modes. You don't need to do anything - ente will automatically adapt the look according to the system settings. A classy light mode during the day, and a stunning dark mode for the night.

This is the first (and biggest) batch of design related changes. This establishes the base look of Ente for the near future. We will now start on more granular and continuous improvements to individual screens. A pixel here, a pixel there, improving both the look and usability of Ente on a screen by screen basis.

Support for light mode was currently the highest voted open roadmap item, and so we feel happy completing that feature request. But beyond just a feature, we feel it marks an important transition in ente's journey – to a more inclusive design that does not seem intimidating to non tech savvy users who still wish to take control of their data and privacy.

The redesigned look is now out on the mobile apps. If you're not already on the Ente hype train, now is a good time!

The redesigned look will come soon on the web and desktop apps too (the desktop app gets another surprise goody to go along with the new look πŸ˜‰).

To let us know what features you'd like Ente to have, please use the "Roadmap" link in the settings menu after you have logged in to your account. Or if that's too much work, just let us know on Twitter, or Reddit, or Discord. We're there, wherever you are 😎

Till next time, have a great summer!