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May 28, 2021


It's been an overwhelming couple of days for us. We're grateful for the warm welcome we received on reddit 😊

You have been vocal about the features you want us to build, and we'll prioritize them and share our roadmap for June in a few days.

For now, we would like to show you something Abhinav has been slogging on for the last few weeks - the ability to filter your photos by the places and days they were taken at.

This is currently available on

We hope you will enjoy this feature.

I personally love how I can filter out important dates over the years. And I'm amused by how it interprets natural language queries like "yesterday", "last week", etc.

That said, for this to delight you as much as it delights me, you might need to drag-and-drop all your old photos into and let it back them up. Even if the uploads are interrupted, you can just drag-and-drop again into the same album, it'll resume where it left off.

In case you have any feedback to share, please let us know by either posting on our public roadmap, or writing to me directly!