Shareable links for albums

February 05, 2022


Hope you've had a pleasant 2022 so far.

It's been a while since our last update. We've been busy with both life and work. Neeraj became a dad the last month and I became one the last week. Two healthy, happy, baby girls. :)

So Abhinav has been pulling the weight by himself for a while.

Excuses aside, these are the changes we shipped over the last month:

  • Improved the syncing flow and deduplication logic on our mobile app.
  • Squashed a few hard-to-catch bugs on our server that was causing it to crash intermittently.
  • Added reviews to our website (thanks for the kind words everyone!)
  • Got our web app to work in incognito mode.
  • And lastly, as the title suggests, shipped the ability to share links to albums, end-to-end encrypted. Here are some photos from our team outing the last year. :)
Shareable links for albums

Building a platform that enables sharing of encrypted content, comes with its own caveats, and we've taken the following steps to mitigate the possibility of this feature being abused:

  • Only paid customers can share links to their albums.
  • Albums can be shared at most with 50 devices.
  • People who have access to an album can report the content for abuse here.

These steps will need to be constantly tweaked to establish a healthy abuse mitigation system. We hope the community will understand our reasoning and engage in a conversation with us about what we can do better to keep Ente safe and family-friendly.

As a next step, we have added some items to our roadmap that we believe will improve the sharing experience:

If you find these valuable, please upvote so that we can prioritize them.

That's all for now. We hope you'll have fun sharing your memories with your loved ones. :)