Command to publish an app to TestFlight

September 22, 2022

At Ente, we are building an open-source iOS app for backing up and sharing your photos and videos.

In the beginning, we used XCode to create an Archive and then painfully clicked 20 buttons to upload our build to TestFlight.

We then discovered an easy way to do the same from the command line with these steps:

  1. Configure Transporter.
  2. Run {command-to-build} && open -a "Transporter" {path-to-generated-ipa}.
  3. That's it!
Mic drop

In our case, since we are using Flutter, the single line command to build and publish to TestFlight is:

flutter build ipa && open -a "Transporter" build/ios/ipa/*.ipa

Hope this will save you a few clicks! If you'd like to know more of our adventures with Flutter and AppStore, follow us on Twitter, or come hang out on our lovely Discord!