Ente Photos vs. Proton Drive's Photos

Ente and Proton are both end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) cloud storage providers, that provide a secure place to backup your data.

Proton offers a generic Drive product that supports all file types, while Ente takes a more focused approach towards photos, serving use cases that are tailor made for a family's digital photography needs.


Ente PhotosProton Drive Photos
End-to-end-encrypted✅ Yes✅ Yes
AI Features🟡 Available on Desktop🔴 Not available
Family Plans✅ AvailableAvailable on select plans
Image Editor✅ Available🔴 Not available
Map View✅ Available🔴 Not available
Location Tags✅ Available🔴 Not available
Partner Sharing✅ Available, with E2EE🔴 Not available
Link Sharing✅ Available, with E2EE✅ Available, with E2EE
Collaboration✅ Available, with E2EE🔴 Not available
Collect Photos✅ Available, without an account, E2EE🔴 Not available
Album Operations✅ Supports pinning, archiving, locking, sorting🟡 Limited
Ability to free up device space✅ Available🔴 Not available
Ability to detect duplicates✅ Available🔴 Not available
Cross-Platform✅ Available on Android, iOS, web, desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows)🟡 Available only on Android
Discoverability✅ Easy to rediscover your best moments🔴 Not available
Data Durability3 copies in 3 locationsNo published replication strategy
Data Export✅ Easy, with a single click and a dedicated CLI✅ Easy
Data Import✅ One-click import from Google Takeout and other service providersBasic support for data exported from other service providers
Open Source✅ Built in the openSource code published retroactively
Audit statusCryptography audit report availablePenetration test report available
Bundled services🔴 None, pure focus on Photos✅ Mail, Calendar, Drive, VPN, and more


In comparison to Proton, Ente provides a tailor-made approach to photos, making it ideal for those seeking a user experience similer to Google or Apple Photos. If you care about more bundled services, Proton is the better option, but if you care about a better photo experience, Ente is the better option.

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