End-to-end encryption
All of your photos, and their metadata on Ente are stored end-to-end encrypted. So unlike traditional cloud storage, with Ente, only you can view your data.

Our encryption protocols have been audited and the details of our architecture have been published here.
3 replicas
Ente preserves your encrypted photos to 3 different clouds, in 3 different locations, including an underground fallout shelter. This guarantees that your data is as safe as it can possibly be.

The technical details of our data replication protocols have been published here.
Cross platform
Ente has apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows and the web.

All our apps are open source.
Background uploads
Ente backs up data in the background, across all platforms. Any new photos you click are automatically encrypted and uploaded to our servers.
Family plans
You can share your subscription with 5 other family members, at no extra cost.

Only your storage is shared, not your data. Each member will receive their own private space.
Album sharing
Ente offers end-to-end encrypted sharing for your albums. If your partner is on Ente, you can share your entire library with them.

Any new photo you add will instantly be accessible on their devices.
Link sharing
You can share links to your albums, that are end-to-end encrypted. Viewers don't need an app or account.

You can protect your links with a password, and configure them to expire after some time.

Here is a sample album.
You can let your loved ones add photos to your albums.

If they aren't on Ente, you can share a link with them, and allow them to upload photos to it. So you can easily collect photos in original quality at the end of a trip or event.

Everything, end-to-end encrypted.
Easy Import
We have a powerful desktop app that lets you import data from other providers.

If you need help moving your data, write to team@ente.io, and we'll be there.
Easy Export
We respect your right to data portability. Our desktop app lets you incrementally export your data, with a single click.
You can relive your memories from previous years, through stories Ente curates for you.

You can easily spread the cheer by sharing them with your loved ones.
Hidden Photos
You can hide memories that are close to your heart.

These hidden items are locked behind your lock-screen and can only be accessed once you authenticate yourself.
You can attach descriptions and tags to your photos, that are also preserved end-to-end encrypted.

You can search through your library using these keywords.
You can currently search through your library by album and file names, days photos were clicked on, their descriptions and tags.

There is more coming soon.
Additional Security
You can turn on two-factor authentication to increase your account's security.

You can also setup a lock-screen to make sure only you can view your gallery.
Free Device Space
You can free up your device's space by clearing files that have already been backed up to Ente.

All it takes is a single click.
Dark & Light Themes
ente's mobile apps come packed with both dark and light themes. You can choose the mode that will make your photos pop.
We take pride in offering human support.

If you need help, reach out to support@ente.io, and one of us will be there to assist you.
We are building Ente with a wonderful community of like-minded folks.

Join us!
and there's more...
We are continuously listening to feedback and improving the product. You can find our public roadmap here.