Frequently asked questions

Can I hide photos in Ente?

Yes, you can hide specific photos and videos in Ente using the "Hide" action. Open the photo, expand the overflow menu and select Hide (the action with the eye icon).

Hidden items do not appear anywhere in Ente except within the special "Hidden" category. Ente will ask for the device biometric (FaceID / TouchID) or passcode to view the contents of the Hidden category.

You can reach the Hidden category from the bottom of the albums screen.

Keep in mind that hidden items will still show up in the "On device" albums within Ente as long as they are present in your native gallery. But once you remove them from your device, they'll stop showing up here.

Hiding is currently only supported in the Ente mobile app, and items hidden from the mobile app will not be visible in the web and desktop app.


There is also a related feature called "Archive". While hidden items do not appear anywhere, archived items do not appear in your timeline but can otherwise be seen within the album and search results.

This is useful when you're not trying to hide certain photos per se, but just do not want some of them (say, some old screenshots) to clutter your home timeline.