Frequently asked questions

How can I earn free storage?

You can refer your friends to earn free storage on Ente.

For each friend you refer, who upgrades to a paid plan, we will credit 10 GB of free storage. The referred customer will also receive an additional 10 GB with their paid subscription.

You can find your referral code under Settings → General → Referrals.

Claim free storage screen
How much storage can I earn?

The amount of free storage you can earn is capped to your current plan. This means, you can at max double your storage. For example, if you're on a 100 GB plan, you can earn another 100 GB (by referring 10 friends), taking your total available storage to 200 GB.

If you refer more paid customers than is allowed by your current plan, the extra storage earned will be tracked and will become usable once you upgrade your plan.

For how long do I have access to this storage?

Earned storage will be accessible as long as you have an active subscription, provided there has been no abuse.

In case our systems detect abuse, we may notify you and take back credited storage. Low quality referrals (who don't renew their plans) or creation of fake accounts, etc. could result in this.

How can my friends apply my referral code?

Referral codes can be applied within Settings → General → Referrals → Apply Code.

Apply referral code

Please note that referral codes should be applied within one month of account creation to claim free storage.

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